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Zoe Chen Zhao

UX Designer/Researcher

Master (2021-2023):  

  • Georgetown University, Master in Communication, Culture, & Technology (UX focused) 

Bachelor (2017- 2021): 

  • McGill University,  Cognitive Science major, Communication Studies minor 




Basic French 



MS Office,




Adobe Suite,




R & Shiny





Journey Maps



Usability Testing

Human-centered Design 

Product Design 

Work Experience

Oct.2023 – Present

Product Designer​​

  • Implemented sprint methodology to iteratively develop 'Flocker,' a social app designed for event discovery and fostering friendships.

  • Led the development of personas, user flow, and prototyping for an AI-powered app, featuring event swiping, posting, chatting, event creation, and attendee matching functionalities.

  • Ensured product features consistently aligned with overarching goals during agile ceremonies, contributing to a 15% faster development cycle.

  • Effectively communicated design work and rationale behind design decisions to the product team and the entire company.

UX Design Intern

  • Applied sprint methodology to iteratively develop Hippra, a health-tech platform enhancing knowledge-sharing among healthcare providers.

  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including tech and medical personnel, to define, prioritize, and deliver value-driven product releases.

  • Spearheaded user journey mapping and prototyping for a multifaceted dashboard, encompassing chat features, case postings, news, comments, and podcasts.

  • Actively participated in agile ceremonies including weekly stand-ups and sprint planning, ensuring alignment with product goals.

Data Visualization Project

  • Explored different ways and used different packages in R, Python, and Tableau to visualize complex datasets and convey key findings visually.

  • Conducted data munging and data analysis to get a clean dataset and make sense of different datasets.

 Jan.2023 – Apr.2023
 (Georgetown University, Washington, D.C)  

 Oct.2022 – Dec.2022
 (Georgetown University, Washington, D.C)  

Conversational AI Design 

  • Built a chatbot for the Georgetown Undergraduate Admissions Office and incorporated the persona "Jack the Bulldog" into the system to make the chatbot more fun, engaging, and likable.

  • Designed conversation flows, applied NLP (natural language processing) and NLU in RASA, and VUI design.

  • Tested the system among university and tracked the efficacy of the chatbot.

Metaverse Project

  • Unpacked the Metaverse and analyzed how VR technology operates as, and within, the socio-technical system of Web3.0.

  • Presented findings on a public-facing website to the general public through a variety of media (including written content, videos, and technical diagrams).

 Sept.2022 – Dec.2022
 (Georgetown University, Washington, D.C)  

 Jan.2022 – May. 2022 
(Georgetown XR Research Studio, Washington, D.C.) 

Georgetown XR Research Studio

  • Dedicated to build a VR police training simulation that improves police communication and de-escalation skills.

  • Facilitated research to think critically about the objectives and to establish the premise, characters, dialogues, and environment of the system in Unity.

  • Analyzed the AR/VR and Web3.0 economy, looking for ways to achieve skill-training through gaming.

 Oct.2021 – April.2022
 (Georgetown University, Washington, D.C)  

Civic Education Project 

  • Analyzed the use of digital tools to combat misinformation in civics classrooms and the efficacy of them.

  • Ran quantitative data analysis (SPSS) on 1000+ survey responses and 4 in-depth interviews to understand if, and to what extent, Covid changed the teaching method.

  • Presented the findings in a clear and compelling way at the Annual MPSA conference and provided guidance to teachers and educators.

 Nov.2021 – Dec.2021 
 (Georgetown University, Washington, D.C)

 User Experience Designer

  • Built a one-stop pet-adoption platform and ensured consistent user experience across mobile and desktop.

  • Conducted qualitative research (interviews) to understand the pain points and gathered more than 30 perspectives.

  • Aggregated data and structured the adoption user flow.

  • Executed each stage of design process: deliverables: research, workflows, wireframes, prototypes, usability tests) to analyze, conceptualize, and provided a seamless user-centric experience.

 Aug.2020 – Nov.2020  
(Ogilvy & Mather, Shanghai, China) 

 Account Executive Intern 

  • Conducted market analysis and consumer research to decipher customers’ needs and goals, and developed an integrative marketing plan for Sanofi’s vaccine.

  • Shaped creative direction of the vaccine campaign and reinforced product accountability through digital storytelling.

  • Won the pitch and increased the sale by 110%.

 Sept. 2018 – Sept.2019 
(Canada China International Film Festival, Montreal, QC )

 Project Manager Intern 

  • Led and coordinated the final award ceremony of 200 professionals from scratch, finished booklet of 90 pages. 

  • Attended more than 30 meetings, communicated with the venue, performances, and sponsors. 

  • Drafted the invitation in 3 languages, invite over 100 guests including Consul General, Concordia Vice President, and Oscar winners. 

Volunteer Experience

 Oct. 2017 – Jun.2019 
 (Borderless volunteer, Montreal QC) 

Volunteer trip to Ngong, Kenya

  • Assisted events and raise money from Vintage Clothes Donation, Running Against Racism, and Grassroot Journal 

  • Contacted the Grassroot NGO and doped out a detailed schedule for the volunteer trip 

  • Went for a volunteer trip in Kenya: stayed in a local street boys rescue center; interacted with them; visited other local charities; helped with their community construction sustainably, built the first office for them 

  • Conducted an ethnographic study of Kenya street boys and HIV in Africa. 

Labcorp UX Research Intern

  • Collaborated cross-functionally to assist the re-design of the data- and visualization-heavy patient lab report across platforms with the goal to better present digital health data.

  • Executed all stages of research including defining research objectives, conducting research, analyzing data, and presenting results and recommendations to different stakeholders.

  • Conducted usability testing iteratively to test how patients respond to the new feature, adjusted designs based on their needs and pain points, and tested the effectiveness of the new lab report.

  • Ran survey studies to understand patients worries and help designers and writers to strategize the verbiage of CTA.

 Jun.2022 – Aug.2022

 Sept.2023 – Dec.2023

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