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Zoe Zhao
A multi-disciplinary UX designer who knows how to code.


Focus on transforming complex systems into unique, end-to-end experiences. I'm passionate about human cognition, technology, and inclusivity. I deliver design-driven and detail-oriented digital products that cultivate business.



An event based social app.

To be updated...

Introducing the new launch of HIPPRA, an innovative health tech platform empowering communities and enabling healthcare professionals with predictive insights for superior patient outcomes.

Frame 133615.png

A pet-friendly online adoption platform that bridges pet owners and animal shelters.

UX research intern at a pharmaceutical company. Assisted the digital product team.

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 12.19.31 PM.png

A chatbot built with Rasa for the Georgetown Undergraduate Admissions Office. 

A social research that looks at the use of digital tools in civic education, with a special focus on misinformation.

Simple card game with initial rules generated from "exquisite corpse".

Other projects:
  • Data Visualisation          
    • Explored different ways and used different packages in R, Python, and Tableau to visualise complex datasets and convey key findings visually.
    • Conducted data munging and data analysis to get a clean dataset and make sense of different datasets.
  • Georgetown XR research lab  
    • Built a VR police training simulation that improves police communication and de-escalation skills.
    • Facilitated research to think critically about objectives and to establish the premise, characters, dialogues, and environment of the system in Unity.
    • Analyzed the AR/VR and Web3.0 economy, looking for ways to achieve skill-training through gaming.
  •  Sentiment analysis
    • On people's attitudes toward Metaverse and why there are negativities toward Facebook's transformation to Meta.
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